A Day Hiker Reviews The Clymb: Order Placement

I was recently invited to join TheClymb.com a private sale network offering popular brands of outdoor gear, clothing and accessories and decided this would be a great opportunity review their site and share my experience with all of you.

There is no charge to join TheClymb.com but you do have to be invited to join and gain access to the site and participate in their sales.

I received my invitation along with a $50.00 merchandise credit as a Klout perk, but if you are interested in joining you can do so via the link found at the bottom of this post.

The concept is simple, the folks over at TheClymb.com offer up a limited number of products from some of the top name brands in outdoor sports for short periods of time with really big discounts! For example, with my $50.00 credit I was able to order:

A pair of Vasque Trail Running Shoes for $39.98

Vasque Men's Velocity VST Trail Running Shoes for $39.98

and a Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp for $9.98

Princeton Tec Fuel Headlamp for $9.98

Both of which were pretty good prices, and you can look forward to future reviews of those items right here to see if they were indeed good buys.

Shipping and handling charges ended up being $7.98, apparently TheClymb.com charges flat fees between $0.98 and $7.98, depending on the items purchased for shipping and handling so the more you order, the more you save.

TheClymb.com ships via FedEx Ground, and their shipping policy states you can expect to receive your order within two to four weeks but I have heard that their shipping times can be rather long. Honestly, at these prices I’m not really concerned, but I will definitely let you know if the shipping time is outrageous. I placed my order on September 03, 2011 and as soon as I receive it I will post the date received.

Update: I received my shipment on September 24, 2011 a full 3 weeks after placing the order.

So far I like TheClymb.com I think they have a fantastic concept and I find their website attractive and easy to use, with popular brands priced at 50-70% off retail. What’s not to like? I would definitely recommend joining.

If you are interested in joining you can do so via the link below:

Get The Outdoor Gear You Need At Up To 70% Below Retail At The Clymb.com

(Full Disclosure: If you join TheClymb.com via my personal invitation link above I get a $10 credit towards my next purchase, after your first purchase ships.)

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10 thoughts on “A Day Hiker Reviews The Clymb: Order Placement

  1. I’d agree with your review. The site is clean and the experience is solid as online retailing goes. It does take awhile to get your purchases. I’ve bought a half dozen things from the Clymb now and all took about 2 weeks to arrive. I certainly grabs your attention when that new sale email hits the inbox! Inventory can disappear in just a few minutes.

    • 2 weeks isn’t entirely awful, especially for the prices offered. Besides, it’s not insulin… It’s hiking gear 🙂 Still I can see how the anticipation can get to you. It’s funny how accustomed we have become to receiving packages so quickly… I can remember when 4-6 weeks was the norm 😉

  2. I am not so impressed. Placed order September 16, expected delivery on 4 items was September 28th. I called October 4th since I had not received the items. They advised the order is pending receipt of all the items. I get an email on October 11 advising they are shipping only two items with no explanation of the other two items. I had to call to find out they are refunding me for the two items because they never received them. So customer service communication sucks. I had to contact them in regards to my order repeatedly. And turns out if you really find something you like and your excited about your purchase, be prepared for disappointment when they don’t ship you items in your order because they don’t actually have them!!!!!

    • I don’t blame you for not being impressed. It sounds like you had an awful experience from start to finish. It is one thing to utilize shipping methods which may take a little longer in order to pass the savings along to the customer. I think we can all live with that.

      However communication is key in any transaction, especially so when it comes to an online purchase, and the lack of customer service and communication in your scenario is completely unacceptable.

      Not sure if any member of The Clymb team reads my blog… Probably not :P, but it would be nice to get an explanation from a member of their staff. Is this standard procedure? What is their fulfillment policy? What is their customer communication policy?

      I’m sorry for your experience Andrea but I’m glad you dropped by and offered your view point 🙂 I really appreciate it! If I hear anything from The Clymb I will be sure to let you know, and I would appreciate it if you would do likewise!

    • They do suck…ordered two bicycle jerseys in mid nov for Xmas gifts. Got a message they were being shipped but they never arrived. Emailed and called and got no response form them. Yesterday i get an email that the itmes will not be shipped- no explanation and I’m out two gifts. I’m done with this loser company.

  3. Tried placing an order and had a problem with their on-line order cart. Contacted customer service and the experience was not positive with very slow and incomplete follow up. They seem to have good deals, but it would appear that The Clymb is just a backroom operation. I then started to read some of the other comments on the web and realised that I was lucky not to have been able to place my order with them. In doing my after-the-fact research, they obviously have a very average/below average rating. There are several other very good options out there with long history, established customer followings and are going to still be around down the road. I would suggest going that direction.

  4. The customer service was horrible, it took 3 weeks for my product to arrive and it was the wrong item. NEVER AGAIN!! I am going to shop at reputable places only like Patagonia!!!

  5. The best one out the there is THRYLL. Great brands they have been the only one that I know of to secure GoPro. Secure site and the best customer service. Def worth checking out. thryll.com

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