Diary of a Day Hiker was Accepted at Alltop

Alltop - Top Outdoors NewsI recently submitted Diary of a Day Hiker to Alltop, an “online magazine rack” where readers can choose from thousands of topics and are shown only the best of the best from the web within each topic.

Well guess what?

They actually accepted me!

I know… Right? I can’t believe it either!

Afterall it’s not easy getting in! Alltop is a Palo Alto-based tech startup launched by Guy Kawasaki, technologist, best-selling author and one of the top small business influencers on Twitter, and each site selected must meet Alltop’s strict publishing and quality requirements before submission.

Alltop - Top Outdoors NewsBeing selected to appear on Alltop is a great honor for me and I’m happy to be able to share the news with all of you!

Not only is it nice to be recognized in my field it’s also pretty satisfying to receive confirmation that I do indeed kick ass!

P.S. Special thanks to Adam at Hiking The Trail for suggesting that I submit!

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3 thoughts on “Diary of a Day Hiker was Accepted at Alltop

  1. Congrats Bill. That’s awesome news. I was pretty excited to have two of my blog posts picked up by lifehacker.com recently, but getting on Alltop blows that away! Get ready for a big uptick in site traffic 🙂

  2. Thanks Brian! I was really honored to be listed, and I’m definitely excited to have the increase in traffic. I’m still trying to grow my blog so anything that helps me with promotion is certainly welcome! Congratulations on having your posts picked up by LifeHacker! I can’t say I’m surprised, your blog is fantastic!

    Thanks for stopping by and offering your input Brian 🙂 I really appreciate it!

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