Wool Vs. Synthetic Fiber, Which Sock Will Reign Supreme?


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Recently I wrote a guide outlining some points to consider when choosing the right hiking socks.  In it I revealed my preference for synthetic fibers over wool.

While writing it I didn’t realize that it would spawn an all out, no holds barred, battle of the fibers… But it did.

In fact, it has actually erupted into something Adam, David and I have taken to calling The Great Sock Off 2011!

The gyst of it is simple. Acquire a pair of Point6 Hiking Tech Light Mini Crew socks and a pair of Thorlo-CoolMax Synthetic trail running socks and then put them through their paces in a head to head competition pitting wool hiking socks against synthetic fiber hiking socks in order to determine which is the better material.

Same trail.

Same distance.

Different socks…

Once the real world data is collected we’ll be blogging about our experiences, as well as the pros and cons of each type of sock in an attempt to settle the age old debate of wool vs. synthetic fiber once and for all.

You’ll find Adam’s review at his blog HikingTheTrail.com, and Dave’s review at his blog DaveCreech.com, while mine… Well, you know where to find mine right? So stay tuned for the results!

Better yet, instead of just reading about it… Why not participate? Get up, get out, and get hiking! You can Get The Outdoor Gear You Need At Up To 70% Below Retail At The Clymb.com So join today and get yourself a pair of wool socks and a pair of synthetic socks and participate in The Great Sock Off 2011!

Write about it on your blog, on Facebook or on Twitter… Heck we even have our own twitter hashtag, use #sockoff2011.

Who will reign supreme? Will you be participating? Leave me a comment and let me know!

P.S. The Great Sock Off 2011 is growing by leaps and bounds. Since initially writing this piece two more brands have an expressed an interest in throwing their socks in the ring. So the reviews may also include Injinji hiking socks as well as my personal favorite Keen hiking socks! Stay tuned for more details!

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